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SIG Export supply marine insulation materials, products and systems worldwide. Our innovative, high-quality and high-performance solutions deal effectively with the risks presented by corrosion, fire, extremes of weather, noise, temperature and chemicals.

Offering not just increased energy efficiency, but improved safety at work and reduced operating costs, our trusted solutions are each optimised to suit a range of different sectors, including: oil, gas and offshore; petrochemical and power generation; industry; public services; maritime and sub-sea; wind energy and renewables; and health facilities.

Marine Product Portfolio
  • CUI Jacketing Solutions
  • CUI Coating Solutions
  • Sealed Flangebelts
  • Vessel Inspection Plugs
  • Drainplugs
  • High-Temperature Resistant Jacketing Systems
  • Noise Reduction Jacketing Systems
  • Vapour Barrier jacketing Systems
  • Hot Insulation Systems
  • Cryogenic Insulation Systems
  • HVAC/Ambient Insulation Systems
  • Mastics and Coatings
  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Foils, Tapes and Reinforcements
  • DIY B2 Fire-Rated Foam Solutions
Marine Product Spotlight



At only 10mm thick the Aero Lite™ jacket range offers significant space and weight savings for the perfect engineered solution.

The Aero Lite™ system has an innovative and intelligent fail-safe system built into the design. This assures that on the unlikely event water was to penetrate to the underside of the insulation jacket it will intelligently draw any moisture away from the pipe or equipment and dispose of it through its built in ventilation system.


  • Thickness from just 5mm, offering significant space and weight savings.
  • Range of fastenings available.
  • ID tag system showing equipment identification codes.
  • Highly hydrophobic micro porous material draws liquids away from the equipment as vapour.
  • The initial functioning of the jacketing is to prevent ingress of water using technologically advanced fabrics.

Superior Thermal Performance

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