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Fire Protection


SIG Export can supply fire resistant materials, products and systems for a wide range of applications, from residential developments to industrial projects.

Our solutions have been tested to rigorous British and European standards and fabricated in accordance with stringent quality standards.

Our passive fire control products include internal and external fire-resistant building boards for walls, ceilings and floors; fire-stopping blocks, slabs and strips; intumescent cavity barriers; and fire-resistant tunnel wall lings.

In addition to supplying materials, we can also provide extensive technical support and expertise in the field of passive fire protection.

Fire Protection Product Portfolio

Fire Stopping Products:

  • Ablative Coated Batts
  • Loadbearing Fire Compound
  • Intumescent Fire Sealant
  • Fire-Resistant Silicone Sealant
  • High-Pressure Exerting Mastic

Fire Protection Products:

  • Fire-Resistant Pipe Wrap
  • Fire-Resistant Pipe Sleeve
  • Insulated Fire Sleeves
  • Fire-Resistant Expansion Joint Strips
  • Intumescent Fire Pillows
  • Inumescent Putty Pads for Electrical Sockets
  • Multi-Cable Firestop

Cavity Barriers for:

  • Curtain Wall Facades
  • Rainscreen Cladding
  • Masonry Walls

Fire Resistant Boards:

  • Exterior Sheathing Panels
  • Interior Partitions
  • Flooring Boards
  • Tunnel Liners
  • Duct Liners
  • Fire Resistant Duct Systems
Fire Protection Product Spotlight

Ablative Coated Batts

Ablative coated batts for fire protection

Ablative Coated Batts are designed for sealing around service penetrations in multiple substrates, as well as void filling. Used as a ‘head-of-wall’ barrier to extend the fire resistance and acoustic performances of masonry walls that finish at suspended ceiling height, up to the concrete soffit above.

Voids of up to 20m in length and 1.2m in height can be sealed. In addition, blank seals of up to 2880mm x 2400mm can be formed in either dry walls or masonry walls, or up to 600mm x 600mm in concrete floors.

Standard sizes

1200mm x 600mm  x 60mm or 1200mm x 600mm x 50mm

General benefits:

  • Excellent fire resistance from single thickness Batt
  • Suitable for sealing large wall and floor voids containing most commonly used services
  • Can be used as a blank seal and a head of wall seal
  • Tested for use in masonry and dry wall constructions
  • Lightweight and simple installation
  • Maintenance free
  • 180kg/m3 density base material provides additional benefits of a smoke and acoustic seal
  • Tested for air tightness

Typical Fire Performance

Ablative Batts Fire Performance

Fire Protection Case Study

Effective High-Rise Residential Fire Protection

Fire Protection in Residential High Rise

Occupying the former site of the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, The Courthouse SW1 is a remarkable collection of 129 prestigious apartments. Developed by Barratt London, the building design is a modern take on Edwardian splendour; a fusion of Portuguese limestone, Brazilian granite and bronzed aluminium, carefully crafted to both contrast and complement its surroundings.

As a nine storey development constructed with the utmost attention to detail, Barratt London strived to set a new benchmark for quality by demanding the highest levels of finish and performance.

With the Portuguese limestone exterior constructed as an external façade, Barratt’s exacting standards therefore also required a superior approach to fire protection – leading to the specification of the AIM Ventilated Rainscreen Barrier.

The AIM Ventilated Rainscreen Barrier is a mineral wool and intumescent based solution for rainscreen systems which provides an effective cavity fire barrier whilst allowing ventilation and drainage of the cavity under service conditions. As an intumescent faced barrier, the VRB range will expand when exposed to fire conditions, closing the ventilation cavity to prevent the passage of fire.

At The Courthouse, the cavity was insulated and utilised AIM fire barriers on both vertical and horizontal elevations.

Supplied by SIG Insulation, Barking and installed by stone masonry specialists, Szerelmey Ltd, AIM provided extensive technical support which included the delivery of a fire barrier CPD presentation to the senior project team at Szerelmey – enabling them to effectively coordinate an efficient installation and ensure the very best quality standards.

Moreover, regular inspections and rigorous assessments by the NHBC verified that the AIM Ventilated Rainscreen Barrier was installed in accordance with extremely stringent standards.

Fire Protection in Buildings

John Guest, Senior Project Manager for Szerelmey Ltd, discusses his experience of working with AIM and using the AIM Ventilated Rainscreen Barrier on-site: “Effective fire protection on an external façade, particularly on a high rise residential development – is critical. We recognise that getting the installation spot-on is crucial to ensuring this protection and products which come backed by extensive test data and robust installation procedures ultimately help reduce the risk of human error on-site.

“For The Courthouse project, we were particularly impressed by the responsiveness of the AIM technical team. They not only identified the right ventilated rainscreen barrier specification for our requirements, but also worked with us to design an efficient installation process which fitted the unique site conditions.”

“As standard the AIM VRB Lite comes with additional pig tail screws, which immediately made it easier for the installation teams to place the product speedily and accurately into position. Easy to cut, easy to install and easy to work with – overall the AIM specification made everyone’s lives a lot easier on this flagship project.”


We were impressed by the responsiveness of the technical team. They not only identified the right specification for our requirements, but also worked with us to design an efficient installation process which fitted the unique site conditions.

John Guest

Senior Project Manager, Szerelmey Ltd

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