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Engineering & Manufacturing Process Solution


SIG Export can supply insulation and maintenance solutions for engineering and manufacturing processes worldwide.

Our products include valves, steam traps, pipe penetration seals, pipe sleeves, insulation jackets, float-operated and vibrating fork liquid level switches, ultrasonic gap sensors and a great deal more besides.

Our solutions have been tested, where required, to rigorous British and European standards and, in all cases, fabricated in accordance with stringent quality standards.

Engineering & Manufacturing Process Product Portfolio


  • Brownall Uniglobe Globe Valve
  • DZR Ball Valve LV 2411
  • DZR Ball Valve LV 2415
  • Two-Piece BSPP/NPT Ball Valve

Steam Traps

  • Models 3A/GM3/6A/GM6
  • Models DM25
  • Models DM6/DM12/DS12
  • Models M10/GM10/M16/GM16
  • Models M25/GM25
  • Steam Traps for Subcooled Tracing – Models M22/TM22/TS22

Pipe Penetration Seals

  • Bulkhead
  • Deck
  • Flange
  • Collar
  • Multi-Leaf Conductor
  • Single Spigot Plate
  • Double Spigot Plate
  • Angle Ring Spigot
  • Multi-pipe
  • Square to Round
  • End Cap
  • Bellows Type
  • Skirt Seal

Bestobell Products

  • Cryogenic Valves
  • Trefolex Cutting Compound

Mobrey Products

  • Mobrey MCU900 Series Control Unit
  • Mobrey Mini Squing
  • Mobrey MSM400 Suspended Solids Monitoring
  • Mobrey MSP900SH MSP900FH transmitters
  • Mobrey MSP Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
  • Mobrey M-Switch Liquid level switch
  • Mobrey Squing 2 Vibrating Fork
  • Mobrey Squitch 2 Ultrasonic Level Switch
  • Mobrey 003 Ultrasonic Level Switch
  • Mobrey 9700 Hydrostatic Level Transmitter
  • Mobrey Dry Products Level Switches
  • Mobrey Hydrastep and Hydratect Systems
  • Mobrey Magnetic Level Switches

The Ultra Range

  • Pipe Sleeve
  • Universal Pipe Wrap
  • Insulation Jackets

Our acoustic product portfolio is extensive, with a robust and reliable supply chain. If you don’t see the precise product you need for your project, please contact us: +44 330 123 1760 or exportsales@sigplc.com. We will do everything we can to help.

Engineering & Manufacturing Process Solution Product Spotlight

Brownall Uniglobe Globe Valve

With proven reliability demonstrated over many years, Brownall valves are an understandably popular choice among consulting engineers, building services professionals and specifying authorities.


The Brownall Uniglobe is designed for use on fluid systems, both for isolation and as a control valve to regulate flow. This high performance valve may be used on steam and condensate lines as well as general hot and cold water services. Available with female ends to BS EN 10226, Rp designated, or flanged to BS10, BS4504 or ANSI standards class 150 or 300. Sizes from DN15 to DN50. Flange details available on request.


  • Body: Gunmetal (CC491K)
  • Cover: Gunmetal (CC491K)
  • Spindle: Brass (CW721R)
  • Valve: Stainless Steel 316 S11
  • Valve Seat: Stainless Steel 17-4 PH
  • Handwheel: Steel


Nominal Size (DN) Rp BSP (inch) A (mm) B (mm)
15 ½ 644 108
20 ¾ 75 117
25 1 86 127
40 107 159
50 2 133 190

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