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Global Suppliers of Thermal, Acoustic and Construction Solutions

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As sponsoring members of the Institute of Acoustics, we take a rigorous, scientific approach to noise, from recording studios to industrial printing presses.

Our approach to through-wall systems, incorporating insulating and intumescent materials, is just one example of our integrated approach to fire & thermal.

We can supply solutions for temperatures ranging from -260°C to +1100°C and for noise levels exceeding HSE Noise at Work standards.

Our experts across the Acoustic, Fire & Thermal disciplines have worked together to create a number of exciting patented innovations.



SIG is a FTSE 250 company, established in 1957 and employing over 10 thousand people worldwide.

During the 60 years that SIG has been supplying materials, products and systems for construction and industrial applications, we have amassed a significant amount of experience and expertise.

Our expertise in insulation materials covers the traditional area of energy management and conservation, but also the more specialist area of fire protection and soundproofing.

As well as expertise in insulation applications, we are also a storehouse of knowledge in all areas of construction, from groundworks, through roofing and exteriors, to interior finishes, with all stops in between.

Our customers make full use of our expertise, whether they’re developers, architects, main contractors, subcontractors or specialist installers. SIG is happy to consult at any level, simply advising on the right product for the right application or working alongside you throughout any given project.



We’ve developed an extensive range of fabrication services which can be applied to a wide range of acoustic, fire and thermal protection products, including:

  • Lamination and encapsulation
  • CAD & CAM 2D cutting service
  • CNC wire cutting
  • Bespoke insulation cutting
  • Bespoke pre applied finishes
  • Cutting of 3rd party insulation materials
  • Provide solutions from drawings

We operate stringent quality control processes and have management systems certified as satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001.


SIG Export has the ability to source materials specific to your requirements, supplemented by logistical expertise. Find out how we can provide a bespoke service.

Global logistics. SIG Export have a proven record of sourcing and exporting construction materials to every corner of the globe through our trusted and accredited shippers.

Shipping of hazardous materials. We have the qualifications to ship hazardous materials by sea, road and air.

Consolidation. Our large storage facilities make us the ideal base for consolidation and containerisation of orders from multiple sources. We can ship a vast range of products within a singular consignment to optimise delivery time and cost.

Documentation. SIG can provide a full export documentation service, including certificates of origin and conformity, labelling of hazardous materials, safety data sheets and bills of lading.